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First Men In The Moon (1964) - Title

First Men In The Moon (1964) – iTunes Review

First Men In The Moon is a 1964 science fiction film adapted from the H.G.Wells novel, written by Nigel Kneale of Quatermass fame with special effects from Ray Harryhausen and directed by Nathan Juran. Since it’s not yet available on Blu-ray (Twilight time have announced a release in March 2015), I thought I’d give the iTunes HD rental a quick review.

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Young Ones - Title

Young Ones – iTunes HD Review

Young Ones is a 2014 neo-western written and directed by Jake Paltrow and starring Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon and Kodi Smith-McPhee. Set on a future dust-bowl earth, the film tells the story of a farming families struggle to survive. Since the movie is not available on Blu-ray yet – I thought I’d give the iTunes HD version a quick review.

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An advertising shot of the Pioneer LD-V4300D. Not exactly hi-fi.

Pioneer LD-V4300D Laserdisc Player Review

The Pioneer LD-V4300D is a single-sided industrial PAL/NTSC Laserdisc player. Given the mediocre results of my testing the CLD-925D I wanted a better PAL player. I’d heard good things about both the CLD-2950 and LD-V4300D, but the CLD-2950 is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Since the LD-V4300D is an industrial model, and was made until very late in the Laserdisc lifecycle, I thought it might be a better bet, longevity wise.

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