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An advertising shot of the Pioneer LD-V4300D. Not exactly hi-fi.

Pioneer LD-V4300D Laserdisc Player Review

The Pioneer LD-V4300D is a single-sided industrial PAL/NTSC Laserdisc player. Given the mediocre results of my testing the CLD-925D I wanted a better PAL player. I’d heard good things about both the CLD-2950 and LD-V4300D, but the CLD-2950 is getting a bit long in the tooth.

Since the LD-V4300D is an industrial model, and was made until very late in the Laserdisc lifecycle, I thought it might be a better bet, longevity wise.

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Closed Captions In SCC Format Python

SCC format subtitles

SCC format subtitles, basically a raw closed caption bitstreams.

After building the first version of the closed-caption decoder, I realized that SCC format would be a more useful format to output in. There are many tools to convert SCC format subtitles into other formats. Additionally SCC captures more of the presentation details of closed captions.



25 May 2014 Update: An improved version is available see here.